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    One site that supports MTB bab in Mass.

    Sorry i typed two b's instead of a n!
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    OK, you meant MTB BAN...

    hmm... actually they have some pretty good points. although i think the a better goal/solution would be to better educate mountain bikers than to try and ban them from trails.

    i agree:
    1) mountain bikers should ride in the existing trail and not make it wider by going around obstacles or mudd puddles. if it's just a little wet, you can go through the puddle and too bad if you get muddy (you're riding a mountain bike what do you expect?) and if it's simply too muddy to ride through then you shouldn't be riding that trail on that day.
    2) mountain bikers should NOT lock up the rear tire and skid, especially in corners or steep descents. on downhills, always use both brakes together. the skidding does rapidly destroy the trail by tearing the surface away and heavily contributiing to erosion.
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