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    The Kansas City Missouri Police Department Missing Persons Unit is asking for the public's help in locating Mr. Charles A. Schmid, white male, 08/16/1955 of Kansas City-north. He is described as 49 years of age, 5'-10" and 149 lbs. He has brown eyes, brown hair and is bald. He was last seen on July 31, 2005 (wearing unknown type clothing and wearing brown boots) when he told family members that he was going bike riding. Anyone with information that would help locate him is asked to call the TIPS Hotline at
    (816) 474-8477, or contact the Kansas City Police Dept.

    Published on August 24, 2005, Page 2, Kansas City Star, The (MO)

    Just to keep this out in front, so it doesn't get lost and forgotton. This is a repeat of another post regarding my friend from high schoo. So far, his wife, family, brothers, the KCPD, and The Kansas City Star have no idea where he went. He is not mentally ill, has no known enemies, and to my knowledge,no reason to leave his family. He has always been close to his eight brothes, but they have not heard from him, and he didnt say anything to them when he disappeared.

    An update to the report that was appeared in the KC STAR. Due to an editorial error, his left his bicycle at home when he disappeared, along with his car, keys, wallet, credit card, etc,etc.
    If anyone knows anything, please contact the TIPS hotline, or the KCSTAR, or the KCPD.

    BTW, his nick name in high school was Charley Dog.

    Thank you.

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    He is still missing, 8Sept'05

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