At 2:34 am on Thursday November 26, 1987 (Thanksgiving morning), Harry Gregory (known to his immediate family by his middle name Gilbert) was found in a pool of blood at the side of the road in Absecon New Jersey. He was DOA. He was riding home from work at the Hi-Point, and was struck by a car (the driver turned herself in a couple of hours later).

Harry's family were all on the west coast, until this year when I (his oldest btother) moved to Pennsylvania.

I have to be frank, based on the police report, he bore much of the responsibility for the accident due to his riding and level of intoxication, even though I have a hard time with grasping with the fact hat he died alone when the driver could have stopped.

But, the reason I am bringing this up, is that I am curious if anyone knows what is available as far as signage in Absecon New Jersey in memory of fallen riders. In other places I have seen signs (either bike lane or share the road signs) with small signs beneath them with a name. "In memory of..."

Does anyone know if this is possible in New Jersey, and if so what the process would be to start the process? I made the decision to visit the place where he died when I visited his grave last month in Washington state, and I will also take the opportunity to eat where he used to cook, and take steps to place a safety sign in the area where he died.