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    Are you afraid to ride you bike on the street? Has a motorist ever scared you and stopped you from riding on the road, either by honking, yelling, throwing objects or speeding past you? Do you ever take a route which is longer, slower, or not as easy because the most direct route is "too dangerous?" Have you ever been told that you do not belong on the road? Are you afraid to ride because there are "too many cars?"

    If you are a citizen of the USA, your taxes paid for the roads, even if you don't own a car. The law gives you the right to use those roads on your bicycle. If for any reason you shy away from using the road, your rights have been stolen.

    Would you like the best roads to be safe for cyclists? Would you like everyone to know that you have an equal right to the road? Would you like to be able to take your bicycle on any road, safely, quickly and pleasantly?

    Does the road belong to you, or to the most aggressive
    person on it?
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    Well, I continue to pay taxes here in Australia as well, and still cop the abuse. Heck I don't care about abuse, the more I get the better I can soak it up like some great big sponge!!!

    Let 'em shout abuse at me. I don't care anymore. If they wanna increase their blood pressure and drive (pun intended) themselves to an early death that's their problem. It just means one less tosser in the gene pool.

    "I am never going to flirt with idleness again" - Roy Keane
    "We invite everyone to question the entire culture we take for granted." - Manic Street Preachers.
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