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    Multi day tours as cycling advocacy

    Here in ohio theres a week long tour call goba Great Ohio Bicycling Adventure. Its a 7 day 250 to 400 mile tour (400 miles with extra loops). The ride has many sponsers by local buissnesses in the towns and cities the tour passes through. The tour is always 3000 offical riders. This is obviously great for the restraunts and shops in these cities so they are very accepting of cycling in general some times before some times after a goba tour. Maybe a good way to advocate cycling in your state would be to organise such tours. I doubt theres many people who will complain when they get 100s to a 1000 more customers in a day than normal. Well ok maybe the employees at fast food restraunts would heheh.

    Tours like goba are great for buissness and whats good for buissness in turn is good for those who live in those cities and towns.
    I dont know the statistics of motor vehical v bike accidents during goba but it must be very low as its not made any head lines.

    Any ways just a thought. Organised and sponsered tours like this are a great way to advocate cycling imo much better than a CM ride i would say.

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    Cycle tours almost certainly better ambassadors for cycling as they present mostly a positive image of cycling as a fitness oriented activity that brings tourism dollars to the small communities they visit.

    However, ill mannered participants can damage any activity's image. It matters not whether the activity is CM, cycle touring, or the world tiddlywinks championship.

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