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    I was searching for a large back seat reflector for my and my son's bike but found a frame reflector kit that matches my black frame exactly. I didn't know that any kind of black tape reflectors could actually work but these seem to work well. I paid under $20.00 for two kits and they really reflect pretty nicely. I also bought a pair of really cool leather gloves that also reflect. They appear to be motorcycle type gloves but they feel real nice on the grips and they keep the cold mostly off my hands. I'd suggest you consider a product caled "Superbright black reflective strips" and the gloves are called "firefly gloves".

    With the two products installed on my bike, I have over 150 square inches of reflectors on my bicycle and don't think it doesn't make a difference. The bike looks totally un"stickered" but when the headlights hit me. just about every section of the bike will reflect. Give it a try.

    Check these items out... You can get them online but I'm not sure about the local stores.

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