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Thread: S.B., CA. trail

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    S.B., CA. trail


    I have heard about this happening before. So if any one is going up to Santa Barbara be careful where you ride. This is the fifth report I have heard about.
    I had a buddy of mine fall in to a 5' deep hole that was covered by twigs and leafs to camoflauge it. It was a funny site seeing him just dissaper . POOF!!! and he was gone.


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    I used to ride ATC's for fun down here in S. Fla.
    There are some woods near my house that have some GREAT trails that we used to ride. One day, as we are racing thru the woods, moving along really fast, we run into one of these booby traps. We were unafraid as we rode these trails very frequently and there was never any problems. It's far enough from any residential areas so we weren't disturbing anyone. Someone had taken a very thin wire cable, like piano-wire, and stretched it across the trail between 2 trees. My friend was leading as we came up the trail. I don't know how, but he saw the wire barely in time. He had to let go of the handlebars and lay flat back on his seat. Needless to say, he crashed into the trees, but was fortunately unhurt. I managed to stop in time. As I pulled up to the cable, it was exactly at the height of my neck. It really would have decapitated my friend had he not seen it. After we were able to regain our composure, we headed further back into the trail. At the next clearing we found the cause of our problem. Some punks had built a halfpipe for skateboarding. I guess they didn't want to be disturbed.
    We burned thier ramp to the ground.
    They built another one.
    We burned it to the ground.
    They gave up and moved. We never found out who they were, but would have happily liked to meet them.

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