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This mentions the recently discussed british survey... but a few points I found.. interesting

The British research comes as a new Australian report into cycling deaths has found that slashing speed limits on Melbourne's roads would stop cyclists being killed.

■Cyclists make up 3 per cent of deaths on Australian roads.

■80 per cent of cyclists killed on our roads since 1991 were men.
Maybe thats because a higher percentage of cyclists are male

■Teenage boys aged 15 to 19 made up more than 10 per cent of cyclists killed.

■Drivers who hit and killed cyclists blamed poor visibility as the main factor in the accident. cos THEY weren't paying enough attention maybe ?

■In 48 bicycle fatalities between 2001 and 2004, 18 riders were not wearing helmets.

■In 60 per cent of fatal bicycle crashes, the cyclist was at fault, particularly at intersections.