Sorry, just have to vent. The local BikeFed is following the case of Robert Rush who . . . can I say it . . . MURDERED . . . a local cyclist in cold blood in summer of 2005. OK, it should have been vehicular manslaughter. As it was the County Prosecutor failed to file charges, he was charge with misdemeanor "failure to keep a lookout" and a year later sentenced to 5 weekends (yes, weekENDS, not even full weeks) in jail. Shortly after he killed the cyclist, he was released, and arrested on another charge, see below. Failed to appear for THAT charge, and I guess some action was finally taken ("warrant executed"???) over a year later. Bottom line, this guy is BAD NEWS for all users of the road and the authorities have completely and utterly dropped the ball. The local BikeFed has done everything in its power including staging a protest at the sentencing for the "failure to keep lookout", written letters to the prosecutor, printed up T-shirts that say "I am Michael Katz" (the deceased cyclist) and done numerous telivision interviews. When will the authorities STOP TAKING THE LIVES OF CYCLISTS FOR GRANTED??? . . . God I am so angry.

"Stopped by the county courthouse today on a whim and called up on the
computer the status of this other traffic bust that Robert Rush picked
up on August 16 last year, just three weeks after he killed Michael
Katz. Too many people in the front seat of his pickup truck, driving
while suspended, etc. And then he failed to appear for the
arraignment in November, and the court had to put out a warrant for
his arrest, which still had not been executed the day he appeared in
Creve Coeur municipal court on the Katz stuff.

Okay, well, the warrant was finally executed just the other day,
September 17. This probably does not constitute a violation of the
probation he got in Creve Coeur, but it does literally take him off
the road for a few days.