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    bike coop structure, info

    i while ago i remember seeing a link to a large pdf file of all kinds of documents (tax, non profit forms, procedures) relating to starting and running a bike coop. i think the one documented was in california (berkeley bike kitchen perhaps). anyone know where this information might be, or something else similar.

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    I totally misread the word "coop" on this post. Thought you were talking about a chicken coop for bikes. Just remember to keep the foxes out huh?
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    You could get in touch with the nice people at this bike co-op.

    Don't forget the Rochdale Principles of Cooperation. They may not be the legal stuff you're looking for, but they're the bare bones of any cooperative endeavor, IMO.

    Original version (1844)
    Open membership.
    Democratic control (one man, one vote).
    Distribution of surplus in proportion to trade.
    Payment of limited interest on capital.
    Political and religious neutrality.
    Cash trading (no credit extended).
    Promotion of education.

    ICA revision (1966)
    Open, voluntary membership.
    Democratic governance.
    Limited return on equity.
    Surplus belongs to members.
    Education of members and public in cooperative principles.
    Cooperation between cooperatives.

    ICA revision (1995)
    Voluntary and open membership
    Democratic member control
    Member economic participation
    Autonomy and independence
    Education, training, and information
    Cooperation among cooperatives
    Concern for community

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