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    Iowa Bicycle Summit.

    This Thursday Feb. 1 & Friday Feb. 2 is the Iowa Bicycle Summit hosted by the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. Here are the details:

    I am going to attend the Friday Session & Bike Night that evening. Looking forward to meeting Joe Kurmaskie, author of Metal Cowboy, the guest speaker at the dinner.

    There is a member here in the forums I am urging to attend the summit, ILTB I mean you. This is not intended as an attack or an insult. But if you want to better bicycling then I am asking you to literally "put up, or shut up". Attend the summit & become a member of the IBC & who knows maybe cycling in Iowa will be better for it.

    You want to see proof of what has happened since the IBC was formed, then come to the summit. Get involved in the round table discussions listed on the agenda. You have been spouting your diatribe of rhetoric on this forum ever since I can remember, which as far as I'm concerned hurts cycling more then it helps. I only hope you don't spout this crap outside of this forum or take physical action to prevent what the Iowa DOT & IBC has been implimenting in the state & keep it to yourself.

    Well now I think you should do something a little more positive & constructive then just spout words. I guess you could say I am offering a challenge, if you want to look at it that way.

    So what do you way? You going to attend & make change for the better, or continue to post negative crap against such organizations as the LAB & the state wide versions, the IBC?

    I am also encouraging any other Iowans here in the forums to attend as well. If non-Iowans want to attend I'm sure that's ok too, you're more then welcome. Maybe it would be a good way to take ideas back to your state.

    Oh & I know, I know I could have posted this in the regional forums. Well, I didn't get over it & deal with it, ok?

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    I wonder what would happen if N_C and ILTB were actually in the same room together?

    I'm getting very very frightened.....

    "Think Outside the Cage"

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