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    trouble locking Trek 4300 w/ Kryptonite New York standard U lock

    Hi guys,

    I bought a trek 4300 last week and finally a kryptonite U-lock, New York standard (not the faghattaaboutit one).

    Anyway, I'm trying to lock the RIM of my rear wheel, with the seatTUBE, to the bike post ( and its damn near impossible - the space is so tight i actually have to position my bike diagonal relative to the bike post inorder to fit everything.

    Another option that I could do is put the U-lock through the bike post, the rim of my rear wheel and either the seat stay or the chain stay (note that this isnt the sheldon style of locking your the U-lock contains either the seat stay/chain stay..such that the frame is still directly locked by the u-lock) - this option is also difficult because of the limited room.

    Next, the sheldon style of locking i tried, and although there is still room, its still requires a little bit of wiggling.

    Now, i havent tested locking my front wheel along with my rear wheel, frame and bike post, but i don't think its gonna be at all possible..givin the limited space i have with the U-lock.

    Am i missing something here, or should i just get a new U-lock??


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    I have been locking my frame through the spokes of the rear wheel, with the U going through the triangle in the back, either both seat stays or both chain stays. My theory is that this method locks the rear wheel and the frame securely to the post while filling up my lock (krypto ny). I then lock the front wheel and frame to the post with a cable lock. While this set up is obviously not bombproof, it has sufficed for a year or two (I also try and lock up where there are lots of other bikes, which are badly locked up).

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