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    All clogged up? (somewhat off topic)

    Take Decongestant M

    Check out the product demo which is being shown on TV.


    Background information follows.

    All lanes in both directions of I-64/ US-40 in St. Louis between Ballas Road and I-170 closed on January 2, 2008 and will remained closed for an entire year as part of the infamous construction of "The New I-64."


    Maybe it's not a big story nationally but it's a heck of a story locally. TV stations have gone absolutely bananas with blow by blow coverage of traffic conditions. "We have a report of stalled garbage truck on I-44-- let's go to (insert name of reporter) who is on the scene." What a hoot!

    "Highway Farty" (as it's pronounced in a St. Louis accent) is as much a part of St. Louis' identity as the Arch.

    Traffic congestion created by the closure of Highway 40 has presented some interesting challenges (as well as opportunities) for bicyclists-- but that's not why I'm posting this.

    I'm posting because I'm amused by the advertising campaign of the local mass transit authority (which, coincidentally, has recently completed a rather controversial construction project of its own).
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    That's a cute ad.
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