This may have already been posted but since the comment period is still open I thought I would remind people that the revision to Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices is still open and there are several purposed reversions that (may) effect bicyclist.

To highlight a couple of things in the revision that may be of major interest:
  • BMUFL sign (Bikes May Use Full Lane)
  • Sharrow pavement marking

Personally I really like sharrows and they have been shown to reduce wrong way riding (a big issue here) by 80%, further from the car doors positioning by cyclists and improved motorists passing distance (if I remember all that correctly.) And they are a lot more "open" then bike lanes so I like these as an alternate (though they are used when you cannot install bike lanes. )

Anyway this seems to be the best starting point that I have found for the bike related reversions:

It does not seem clear to me where to put your comments so I think this page is it and click on "Add Comments"
and be sure to mention the docket number 28977.

If you are interested in seeing other public comments: