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    Insurance and Bike Lock Questions.

    So I have a few questions. I'm buying a $1700 bike and need to get it insured.

    What do I insure this under, auto or renters/homeowner insurance? I'm on my parents policy.
    - How much should I expect to pay? I want to insure it under replacement value not cash value.

    How well do U-Bolt bike replacement warranties work? What are the stipulations involved, are the individual parts covered or just the frame? What do you have to do so they don't try to screw you with the details if the bike does get stolen?

    I just got my sora road bike lifted last night (which I expect to find) so I definitely need insurance.
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    My bike is covered under my homeowner's policy (subject to a $500 deduction). Your bike may be covered under your parent's policy; that's probably the first thing you should check. I don't know how well U-lock insurance policies work, but they do seem to apply only under narrow circumstances (i.e., if your lock is cut it may apply; if the thing to which your lock is attached is cut it won't apply).

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