55 % of Amsterdam commuters commute by bike. One percent in the US. The US Secretary of Transportation calls bikes a waste after the Minnesota bridge disaster. Meanwhile bike production world wide as risen to twice that of auto production.
US advocacy groups have their work cut out for them. I had thought Lance had made life easier for American cyclists.

WASHINGTON, May 13 (OneWorld) - What single silver bullet can simultaneously reduce air pollution and oil dependency, roll back urban congestion, and fight obesity?

A Kenyan man on a bicycle in traffic. Worldwatch Institute
It's not a pill, nor a complicated formula concocted by the World Bank. People around the world are turning to bicycles by the millions, as governments rush to create incentives for the low-tech transport alternative to gas-glugging, smog-making, traffic jam-producing automobiles.

Some 130 million bikes were produced worldwide in 2007 -- more than double the number of cars rolling off assembly lines (52 million). Bike production took off in the 1970s, and after a brief dip, has been soaring since 2001, according to an ''Eco-Economy Indicators'' report issued Monday by the Earth Policy Institute.

The United States lags far behind this emerging trend, with less than 1 percent of workers commuting by bicycle. Overall, bike ridership has dropped by 32 percent since the early 1990s.