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    OK, i have decided to start commuting more, starting this spring. but i want to do it safely, anyone know of a good rear light? one that flashes, so people dont run me over...

    Also, do you think i should ride with a front light while commuting? I wont ever ride at night, but would it be safer to have a light on durring the day time? If so, any good lights?

    Id like to keep it under $50 for both.

    Thanks again!!

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    If you're sure you won't be caught in the dark, why bother with a front light? It wouldn't be visible, unless it's one of the super-expensive kind. As for a flashing rear light, I always used the VistaLite and have had people tell me they really noticed it as they drove behind me. The batteries last a long time (years). I used to commute quite a bit in dusk and dark, and VistaLites saw me through approx. 10,000 city miles. You're supposed to have a rear reflector in addition to the light, though I never did. When turned off, a VistaLite has fairly good reflective quality.

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