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    Improved NYC bike lanes

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddac View Post
    Looks like change is coming =)
    Aye, but some of the change stinks! The bike lane on Prince St, in principle, is a great idea. In practice, things are *worse* with it in place. Peds, wrong-way riders, pulled-over taxis and delivery trucks have made it their own. It's crazy dangerous to ride in the bike lane there in the correct direction. I usually take the (car) lane most of the way, howling the whole way. For those who don't know the spot, it's a one-way street with cars parked on the left side and a fully-painted bike line on the right side with the car traffic lane in the middle.

    BTW, the Forsyth St lane, parallel to the Chrystie St lane in the OP, is so-so. The pavement is a mess but otherwise it's OK. I don't like not being able to pull out in to traffic, though. FYI going left to right, it's a bike lane on the left, followed by parked cars then the car traffic lane.
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