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    verbal for ped crosswalk signal

    Now before I get berated about riding on the sidewalk. The location is Ventura, California
    and the street is Victoria. There is a designated bike lane on the sidewalk marked to
    separate cyclists from pedestrians. The street is three lanes in each direction with
    no bike separation white line so taking the lane would be the only option.
    I assumed! that since it was a designated bike lane that I didnt have to to stop at the
    crosswalks and press the button to cross like a pedestrian.
    Oh well at least it was only a verbal.
    In general I hate the location of the ped cross buttons as I have to get on the sidewalk
    to access the button and then get off the bike to get back to the lane.

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    I doubt there is any such real law that designates the bike lane as using the pedestrian signal instead of the car signal.
    Whenever I'm in a bike lane I treat it the same as the adjacent car lane and cross when that traffic light goes green.

    Only place I can think it'd even make sense to go with the pedestrial signal, is if its a badly designed bike lane thats in the right turning car lane, thus one might argue that you need a separate signal since you're crossing the right turning traffic.
    But this kind of sitation is really a moot point since thats when you take the lane and get on the left edge to keep moving straight and let right turners around you.

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