I'm compelled to rant. It seems like some cyclists have put their lights and high-vis back in storage now that Winter is over.

Went for a nice ride last night after work, from about 6pm till 11pm, with a dinner stop in between, sticking mostly to the designated bike routes throughout Vancouver and Burnaby. I'm in Vancouver, BC, so it gets dark at about 8pm right now. On the way home, between 9 and 11, I couldn't believe the number of people cycling on the road without lights or any high vis jackets/reflectors of any kind. In two seperate cases, a car travelling in my direction gave me a curtious wide berth only to be shocked at the last minute by a barely visible cyclist travelling the other direction, in the car's path. Each time, luckily the car was slow enough to stop. In my opinion, the car was doing nothing wrong, and still nearly collided with a cyclist both times. Again, these cars were trying to be courteous to me, and couldn't see the approaching cyclist in the other lane until the last minute, and neither could I.

Be careful out there. Even weight weenies should be able to pack a front and rear light if you might be out past dark. And if you're not prepared for the dark, consider the bus. You would not want me to be the first person on the scene of your accident - all I know about emergency response is from watching ER.