I'll never understand car drivers, even though I am also one. My commute, a mere four miles in length, goes through downtown side streets, up a hill, then through a park, then more side roads to home. Most roads have fairly light traffic. Part only works on a bicycle (the part in the park). Overall, a decent route, takes only 20 minutes. Some days, it seems fraught with problems. There is a stop sign that few cars stop for from a large parking lot. Another part has a light that rarely senses bicycles. Then there are the idiots that "nicely" try to waive me through various parts (stop signs, left turns). How am I to tell what they are doing when stopped in the middle of the road? These same people have tried to "wave me through" an intersection with a four way stop, WHILE THEY WERE ROLLING THROUGH THE STOP! Others still drive on the wrong side of an alley, marked as a street. Another section has people speeding, only to almost stop at an intersection that has big dips for drainage (and a yield sign for side traffic, which rarely yield). The best part is the last part, as this involves idiots on BICYCLES. See, there is another four way stop, a mere block from my place, that cyclists rarely stop for (So far, I've been the only person I've seen stop). Generally, the cyclists are either coming down a block long hill, or going towards that hill. So many run the stop, that drivers tend to wait for me to get to the stop sign, then attempt to wave me through. Yes, a rambling rant. Still annoyed. Mind you, some of this happens anywhere, some is very site specific.