A cyclist in Edmonton was struck by two vehicles while he was in an intersection crosswalk today. One of the vehicles ran a red light, collided with the second vehicle and they both careened into the crossing cyclist. The local paper's online article regarding the mishap allows for readers to post comments, all except one critical of the red light runner and sympathetic to the cyclist.

The single exception read as follows:
"why was he cycling in a crosswalk? Aren't we supposed to get off our bikes and WALK? When will we start to give ticket's to those violators who ride their bikes on walking paths & crosswalks?"

The question I have is what is it about cyclists that generates such illogical hate in some people? In this case, it is irrelevant whether he was on the bike, walking the bike or pushing a baby stroller, yet the poster saw fit to blame the cyclist and went on to imply all cyclists are a scourge on society.

Last word on his condition is critical with head and neck injuries.