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    Two consecutive commutes, two times I had to call on the cops.

    Friday's massacre was detailed in the "don't inconvenience motorists" thread.

    I learned my lesson and decided to channel my anger at getting run off the road into having a leaflet with local laws handy.

    BMW 5 series pushes me out of my lane (parked cars to my right, two lane one-way, center of town.) like those guys in bumper to bumper interstate highway merges who just push you over rather than wait for one and one... so I say...

    "What was that?"
    "F U"

    So I hold out the leaflet and drop it on his seat. Yes yes I know, bad bad Standalone. Threatening people with pieces of paper. And yes, I know I promised just to smile and wave.

    Guy stops the car right there in his lane, paper in hand, and tells me that he's going to knock my teeth out, then gets back in his car and shows me what really running me off the road is all about.

    I catch up to him two lights later with a patrol car coming right at me. I flag them down and get them to go after the BMW.

    I'm sure that they didn't catch him, as he pulled into residential land ahead of where he could be seen by them, but they caught up to me pointing to where he'd turned, checked the car color with me, and headed down to see if they could follow up with him, just based on my claim. 100% different reaction from the cops this time. One town over.

    I called the patrol desk when I got home and got the name of one of the officers and followed up with an email of thanks to the department.
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