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    Ride on annapolis monday april 12

    Representative Jon Cardin IS going to get the 3 foot bill passed into law by Monday April 12th midnight. Is anybody out there able to take time off of work? or even after work if you live or work close enough. It has to be biking in. Park somewhere off the B& A and ride in. This idea is just moments old but let's see what happens.

    Tragic Death of Bicyclist Highlights the Need For Legislation

    The events in Annapolis were overshadowed by the tragic death of 11th District constituent Larry Bensky. Like me, he was an avid cyclist who rode upon many of the same roads on which my friends and I ride. I have championed legislation for five years in the Maryland General Assembly that would make the roads safer for bikers and drivers. It infuriates me that it took the death of a constituent for bike safety legislation to get the attention it deserves in the state legislature.

    I introduced House Bill 461 for the 5th year in the House Environmental Matters Committee on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 to promote bicycle safety. While the cross-file - SB 51 passed the Senate unanimously two months ago, the Environmental Matters Committee of the House passed the bill just a few days after the fatal accident.

    The intent of this bill is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for both bicyclists and drivers on Maryland's roads and bicycle paths. By clarifying and codifying the responsibilities of both bicyclists and motorists while operating on Maryland's roadways, this bill will foster a safe environment for bicyclists to recreate, exercise and commute. Passage of this bill would put Maryland in the company of approximately twenty other states that have articulated a standard for passing distance between bicycles and motor vehicles.

    The bike season is just getting started and already we have fatalities and accidents to remind us of how important it is to share the road and be careful. To that end, I have also been a vocal advocate for the hands-free legislation to ban hand-held cell phone use. No matter how inconvenient it may be, it is obvious how much hand-held cell phone use detracts from safe driving practices.

    I will work very hard to pass this into law before session ends at midnight on Monday.


    Delegate Jon S. Cardin,
    Maryland's 11th Legislative District
    Annapolis Office: (410) 841-3833
    Annapolis Fax: (410) 841-3373

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