While I was at the VA today I had an interesting conversation with one of the employees. Most if not all of the people that interact with when I have an appointment or appointments out at the VA know that I ride a bike for transportation. And for those that I don't normally don't interact with walking through the halls in a spandex jersey (I carry a pair of baggy shorts in my pannier bag to pull on over the spandex bib shorts), carrying a helmet is probably a "dead" give away.

I was talking with one gal who's son had been hit a number of times in the past few years. I asked if he rode close to the curb/gutter pan. The answer was yes.

I politely told her that by riding that far to the right that her son was creating his own problems. As he was riding where motorists couldn't see him. And that he needs to ride more in the lane where he is more visible.

Hopefully she'll pass that information on to her son and hopefully it'll help him to be seen and not get hit in the future. I didn't think to ask her which side of the road he rode on. But I have to go back in a couple of weeks and if I see her I'll ask her.