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    Flyers you can print to help veto the Florida HB 971 bike lane issue

    Hello fellows,

    If you've been following the other thread here on HB 971, you'll know that I started a petition site,, so that individuals who do not have time to send an email may submit a prepared letter to Governor Crist's email inbox, asking for a veto.

    That said, I have devised the following flyer for distribution to local cyclists and local bike shops. Obviously, since I'm in Miami, I can only take care of a limited area. That's where you come in:

    If you live in Florida, and would like to help in the effort to veto HB 971, feel free to download and print copies of this flyer. File is in Microsoft Word .DOC format. Pass it out to your friends and your local bike shops. Make as many copies as you like. Get the word out.

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