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    Melbourne's failed bike share scheme -- a solution!

    In A bid to save Melbourne's troubled bike share scheme, the state government is considering providing collapsible helmets that could fold up and be carried in a briefcase or handbag...

    Figures obtained by The Sunday Age show that usage of the new scheme - introduced late May - remains low and declined last month...

    The scheme, which is costing taxpayers $5.5 million over four years, has been crippled by Melbourne's compulsory helmet laws. Bike share schemes are established in 135 cities around the world, but Melbourne's is the only one operating under such strict laws
    Click the link and check out the 'helmet'! It's like wearing a Christmas tree bauble. This is no solution. Seems clear the Melbourne's bike share scheme is doomed -- as was predicted from the outset.

    The Age newspaper

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    It does look a little silly, doesn't it?
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