Why is it we tend to read about a particular hit and run once and rarely hear about the same hit and run again? Why is there no follow-up in the news? When a hit and run driver is caught we see his name once but the news rarely informs us about what happens to him. The dermatologist that hit the little boy in Atlanta seems to have vanished from the news. Hopefully this wealth manager in CO will stay in the news!

What happened to Carlos Bertonatti? I know he's in jail as of September, but when is his trial?

What happened to the guy that plowed his Mercury Marquis into a group of cyclists just north or just south of the Mexican border?

What happened to the triathelete that was hit in July in Plaino, TX? Did they catch the driver?

What happened to the guy that hit this little boy on Sharon Amity in NC? Is he still in jail, still in the US?


By the way, is Sharon Amity Road like a highway?