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    Knee protection?

    I am starting to winder about how to protect my knees while riding. IN my last couple of crashes (one about 2-3 years ago I have hit my knee pretty hard. I wear a helmet that is nothing more than a foam beanie; but, I am not doing anything to protect the part that seems to take the hits.

    As it is, I am hobbling around today. As expected, the pain is worst when I get up in the morning; it walks out in an hour or so. However, it still hurts.

    I don't wear knee pads because the ones I have worn in the past, for other sports, are too bulky to use while riding. The issue of all safety gear is the the ride is every day; yet, the need for safety dear is only once every few years. As such, it needs to be of a design that it does not interfere with my riding performance.

    Is there anything available that will not be a bother while riding; yet, will protect the knee in a crash?

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    A lot of BMXers use pads like these:
    Slim enough to fit under your pants without any issues, yet I find they provide enough protection from some rather decent impacts. The ones I have (and the ones in the link) have a slim hard shell under the outer layer of fabric that really helps out.

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