The other day, I had gone to the hospital, for an appointment with, my fiance's neurologist. She was not in a bike accident because, she doesn't ride, except at the gym. Anyway, I had locked my bike up, outside the hospital and, was waiting to go into her appointment. While I was waiting a 3yr.-old girl started talking to me, about my bike helmet. I told the little girl that, I needed to wear it, while riding my bike. At one point, her mother started telling her daughter about being careful(she was climbing on the seats in the waiting room), at which point, I got up and, walked over to the girl's mother since, I saw this as a wonderful oppurtunity to 'preach' bicycle safety. Her mother told me that, she only allows her daughter to ride her tricycle in the driveway which, considering the age of the little girl, I felt was smart. I did tell the mother that, even though, just allowing her daughter to ride her tricycle in the driveway was great, she should inspect her daughter's bike helmet, to make sure, it is not some 'knockoff'. The girls' mother was very appreciative for, my mentioning this to her.