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    The Isle of Man (United Kingdom)

    Hello All

    I am from a small Island in the middle of the Irish Sea called the Isle of Man, famous for the TT Races which happen every year in June.

    We are problely one of the only places in the world not to have a national speed limit on the Island, however, there has been talk of bringing in a speed limit over the past few months.

    We have argued for a long time that speed is not the killer, it's the people who cannot drive adequately on the roads, cars are not always road worthy and also some people can't see aswell as they should, only a few points.

    Just wondered what your views were.

    We have a site, all about the TT Races at:

    Please feel free to have a look.

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    Welcome, slow. Some of my Clan MacDonald ancestors came from the Isle of Man.

    If motorists are held fully accountable for their actions, if you have an unusually skillful population of drivers, and if you have an enforceable prima face speed limit ("no faster than is reasonable and prudent"), then you probably do not need conventional numerical speed limits. Unfortunately, my experience is that most motorists drive faster than conditions really merit, and "hard" limits at least give law enforcement and the courts some legal ammunition.
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