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    Ken Kifer's death-Manslaughter

    Ken Kifer was a well-known cyclist and cycling activist who
    was killed by a drunk driver last year. (If you are not
    familiar with his writing, you will do well to visit his
    website at

    The driver has pled guilty to manslaughter and driving under
    the influence
    "Rodgers was sentenced to 20 years in jail. He received a
    split sentence and ordered to serve two years. Rodgers will
    then have supervised probation for five years after his
    release. He was also ordered to pay the Kifer family
    restitution of $13,000."

    "Kifer's son, Nathan Kifer, and family attorney, Joe Galda,
    recommended the sentencing and plea agreement.

    "In situations like this, we try to work with the family of
    the victim as much as possible," [DA] Perry said. "Nathan
    Kifer is a very forgiving man who genuinely wanted Rodgers
    to succeed in rehabilitation."

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    Serve 2 years? Pay $13,000 for murder?

    I felt good when I saw the 20 year sentence, but all the cop out crap afterwards says nothing- you can still mow someone down and get away with it.


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    It looks as though the topic is already being discussed here: So what happened to the guy that Killed Ken Kifer?

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