Around where I live (Tamarac, FL) roadworks is currently underway everywhere.

At first I thought "great, they're tearing up the road to replace water lines." After all, water had been shut down to my neighborhood twice.

Funny thing is, I never saw any pipes. And as time's gone on, the results of the work look is starting to look suspiciously like.. bike lanes!

What a welcome development. I read the paper's website every day (well, front page only, but still) and don't recall seeing anything on it. I had to google it to find something.

It is indeed bike lanes and supposedly bike paths.

Apparently people had been clamoring for this in surveys. (What surveys? Never seen one..)

What a welcome development. Bravo, Tamarac!

I still hate the dust you leave all over my Rotary Rocket and in my house (seriously, the concrete dust is unbelievable.)