I found the list below, on a UK cycling website. I did a brief edit to put it in the context of the US. I thought it was a good list of the things we have to put up with.

Does 'respect' mean it's OK for a motorist when they:

1. Overtake a cyclist and then immediately stop? Why couldn't they wait a few seconds?

2. Drive alongside a cyclist and turn right?

3. Follow a cyclist dangerously close? Often combined with revving the engine or hooting, when the next traffic queue is at most a few hundred metres up the road.

4. Overtake at pinch-points? When waiting for a second or so would clear the pinch-point and be much safer for the cyclist.

5. Overtake a cyclist and immediately cut-in, blocking his progress?

6. Pass dangerously close at speed?

7. Drive up close to a cyclist queueing at the lights and hooting, showing the driver is an idiot and in breach of the traffic laws.

8. Pulling-out in-front of a cyclist?

9. Open vehicle doors without looking in-front of a cyclist?

10. Match a cyclist for speed in the WRONG lane and then moving over to push the cyclist out of the way?

11. Drivers trying to educate cyclists, but failing miserably due to the driver's own appalling ignorance about the traffic laws. e.g. You shouldn't be on the road, you should be in the cycle lane. (it isn't compulsory to use any cycle infrastructure, and the reason why most cycle infrastructure isn't used, is because it's often so badly 'designed' and constructed that it's inconvenient or even dangerous to use) http://tinyurl.com/2hafha