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Advocacy & Safety Cyclists should expect and demand safe accommodation on every public road, just as do all other users. Discuss your bicycle advocacy and safety concerns here.

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Bicycle Safety - The Math of Speed - Index

Prologue ...

The purpose of Bicycle Safety -The Math of Speed is to numerically illustrate the relationship of a cyclists speed vs the quantity and velocity of passing vehicles. Further, it demonstrates that it is safer for the cyclist to maintain a speed that is closer to the speed of the passing vehicles.

1. In any traffic environment, especially advantageous on the open road, cycling faster means that you are passed by fewer vehicles = less possibility of collision.

2. These fewer vehicles also, have much more time to notice and make adjustment for you = less probability of collision.

3. Due to the resultant reduction in relative velocity, any contact with you would be less severe = greatly reduced severity of injury or possibility of death.

The Math of Speed! - Index

10mph vs 20mph - passed by 30mph traffic
In 60mph Traffic
Other traffic - Biker 10 mph vs 20 mph - 30 mph traffic
The Solomon Curve
Cocky SOB
Bicycle Safety
Bicycle Accidents - Causes
150lb Biker vs 3000lb Car
Mach1 Bike
Rear Impact Solution!

Do not be misled into thinking this was supposed to be some type of 1 page Bible of bicycle safety!
Others have gone there, and seem to have suffered varying degrees of cognitive malfunction.

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Originally Posted by spare_wheel View Post
It sounds to me like Singapore needs to dramatically decrease speed limits because I match or exceed the speed of cars for most of my commute.
The speed limit of all roads - unless stated otherwise - is 50kph or roughly 31 mph. Of course most cars take these as a guide so most of the longer stretches has cars going 35-40mph easy.

The difference between the US and Singapore is that only in very rare cases are there no developments going on the sides of the road. That means cutting across dozens of building-house-condo-public housing entrances/exits at speed. You are dealing not only with cars on your right (over here we use the British system), by also random obstacles on your left.

This is for most parts of the country.

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Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
You didn't hit the ground any harder for the speed.
The guy said he was on gravel. If you were going to have a belt sander pressed against your head would rather it was going fast or slow?

That's where the higher speed hurts you - anything vertical in your path - and sliding against a rough surface of course
Yes. And gravel = rough surface. Is this hard?
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Originally Posted by meanwhile View Post
The guy said he was on gravel. If you were going to have a belt sander pressed against your head would rather it was going fast or slow?

Yes. And gravel = rough surface. Is this hard?

If you know what you're talking about, no it isn't hard.

Hitting the ground and sliding against it are two different things. Obviously. which is why I said " You'll get more road rash at the higher speed if you're sliding, and probably more impacts if you're bouncing."

Now will you please stop attacking my posts, since I have you in my ignore feature? I really don't enjoy having to correct people after they've insulted me.
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