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Advocacy & Safety Cyclists should expect and demand safe accommodation on every public road, just as do all other users. Discuss your bicycle advocacy and safety concerns here.

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Old 12-18-13, 09:53 PM   #26
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There is one thing in the article, that doesn't make sense. While it says he hit the cyclist. It also says the cyclist went through the rear window?
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Originally Posted by Shimagnolo View Post
I've said the same thing for years.
The punishment should be based what the perpetrator did, not on what the results were.

And this concept could also lessen the punishment for a person who did something seemingly minor that had grave, unintended consequences.
Well, that is because murder is considered property destruction in the current legal system.
If you have a birth certificate you are considered property of the state.
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Originally Posted by Chris516 View Post
There is one thing in the article, that doesn't make sense. While it says he hit the cyclist. It also says the cyclist went through the rear window?
"With Mr Camlin injured and trapped on the car's spoiler, he continued to drive to his apartment, " from here.
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Geez... Seems the guy was a ****** to begin with, mixing alcohol into it makes him that much worse!
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Old 12-19-13, 01:01 AM   #30
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Waiting for the usual excuse makers to tell us how there are two victims here, the injured cyclist and the driver who will have to live with the pain of knowing what he did for the rest of his life.
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I did some clean up. Bike Forums does not advocate violence, even toward drunk drivers.
Originally Posted by Xerum 525 View Post
Now get on your cheap bike and give me a double century. You walking can of Crisco!!

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Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
I'm surprised by the low bail, and hope the DA files the appropriate charge.
In general, $100k is the highest level of bail we typically see. The bail guidelines I've seen say $1m for murder and some other extreme cases like kidnapping, but in those cases there's normally no bail set at all.

In any event, $70k is close enough to $100k that I don't see a big difference. That said, I'm surprised he was given bail at all.

This ought to be treated like attempted first degree murder. Maybe it wasn't intentional when he first hit the guy, but then he tried to hide him, to make sure he died before somebody found him? Intentional, premeditated, attempted murder.
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Partial video of the arraignment here:
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As I posted earlier, the hiding of the body, ostensibly to die, constitutes attempted murder. This is a far more serious charge than anything related to the accident itself, or the hit and run. I'm still wondering why the DA isn't seeking an indictment for that charge.
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