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    Road Diet and New Bike Lanes DENIED - Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans

    This news just broke today after a vote was "lost" 5-7:

    No bike lanes for now on Lakeshore Drive after vote |

    Bicycle advocates had been lobbying for converting the scenic 4-Lane highway into a 2-Lane highway with a 2-Lane striped bike lane on both sides instead of the right lanes in both directions.

    Lakeshore Drive was made famous by me here on BF as the hunting grounds for my series of NOLA Geek Hunt Videos. For the record I am against the conversion of those two lanes to bike lanes as are most of the Tri-Athletes and Roadies who actually utilize that 5-mile stretch of roadway as a fast workout area and we are reluctant to be squeezed so close to Grandma on her Townie. Personally I use every bit of those four lanes as I ride a "time trial" line early AM when auto traffic is scarce to none. The road is curvy and I basically take the straightest possible line through the curves totally ignoring ANY of the lines painted on the roadway.

    ALSO: Last month the powers to be revoked the law that shut down the two Westbound lanes to auto traffic on weekends and holidays. This put a serious wrinkle in the panties of casual riders. Athletes in training couldn't care less. Now we have to pay attention out AND back on this popular race training route.

    The Comments section under the article is full of angst and hate - typical US vs. THEM stuff. I have chimed in a bit. Disturbing the comfortable as usual. Thought some here might have fun with this.

    PDF of Bike Easy Lane Proposal
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    You put up a good fight.
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