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Thread: Turn Signals

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynodonn View Post
    Though the municipality truck driver did not hit the OP, driving such a large vehicle as though it were a subcompact car is what I take issue with, along with cutting the passing and turning margins( barely stopping at the red light) so close in leaving little or no room for error on either the truck driver's or other road users' part.
    I see this sort of driving almost daily here in the south bay area, and it doesn't bother me. I agree that the truck did not hit me, and although it passed with perhaps 18" of clearance, it was not nearly as close as many other passes that I have seen. My issue was the fact that this was a city truck, and I expect more of professional drivers, especially those who work for the city. In the last 10 seconds of the video, I count 4 violations that the driver could have been cited for.

    Trailangel indicates that the light looked yellow - the light was a solid red, which is why I was coasting to a stop at the light.

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    Nobody has mentioned the role that U.S. traffic engineers have played in encouraging this kind of driving. Starting with requiring a turning vehicle to cross over an active lane of potential/likely straight-thru traffic to make a turn. Next is allowing right-on-red. Next are wide radius curves. And this is not to mention a bike lane in the door zone.

    These are all non-issues in junctions designed by Dutch engineers (and yes, the OP would be able to ride a fairly fast pace on Dutch cycle paths).
    "Adding more traffic lanes to address congestion is like trying to cure obesity by loosening your belt." - Lewis Mumford, 1955

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