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My handle on Bikeforums is Powerhouse. I introduced myself rather fully when I started the thread "DO YOU HAVE A DISABILITY?" as I have more than one. Throughout the years, however, I managed to cope with and sometimes overcome my shortcomings.

But there are also times which present longstanding setbacks. One of which has to do with Glaucoma, a visual disability that I have. Glaucoma is the buildup of too much fluid in the eyes to the point that the pressure affects the Optic Nerve in a person's eyes. If someone had too little fluid...there are other problems that I can't begin to describe. One can take eyedrops to combat Glaucoma and things usually remain at a stable level.

In recent weeks and months, my eye pressure level has been going up and down like a roller coaster. My eye doctor being unavailable to work on me, he put me on an additional Glaucoma medication, contacted a colleague and told me to board a bus in Portland, ME to go to Boston, MA. When I arrived at his colleague's office, he had a surgical team ready and waiting in a nearby operating room. Before any operating was to be done, another eye pressure level was taken: The result was normal. With that, the doctor sent me back to Maine.

Although I celebrated the results when I arrived home, that wasn't the end.
Weekly tests showed that the pressure levels didn't remain stable. A date for surgery
was at first scheduled for July 10. It was later changed to July 3

This meant limmitations in hiking, swimming, bicycling, and other activities while I recouperate after the process. I will have the use of only one eye which I can't even read with. Furthermore, this ends the bicycling season for me.

But I will still be here when I recover. Perhaps I'll hear from some of you sometime. Have any of you had similar experiences?