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    I have 3 bikes. 1. A geared trek street bike 2. A fixed gear that i built from a graveyard of old bikes 3. A specialized mountain bike.
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    Revolights Bike Safety Guide

    Never been that big myself but this is a pretty solid guide to the basics.
    Some of it may seem obvious but its a good reminder.

    Bicycle Safety Guide | Revolights

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    too many bikes from 1967 10s (5x2)Frejus to a Sumitomo Ti/Chorus aluminum 10s (10x2), plus one non-susp mtn bike I use as my commuter
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    I had to stop reading after the first paragraph. Proving Mark Twain's lies, damn lies and statistics quote these folks used amazing sleight of hand to greatly exaggerate (by implication) the bicycle fatality rate.

    The pedestrian traffic fatality is roughly 6 times that for bicyclists. By combining the two, they can elevate the 2-3% bicyclist rate to an alarmist 15% (2% +12% (rounded). Yes the combined figure isn't far off for the USA, but it's misleading when considering the bicyclist rate. I congratulate these folks for creating an illusion Harry Houdini might have been proud of, but I don't trust anything they might say. As someone once told me "figures don't lie, but liars figure".
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    I say helmets are great but they still don't stop internal bleeding from the initial side impact to the torso or limb damage. Reducing things to the lowest common denominator doesn't make your stats all hunky-dory. So when your organs sustain massive trauma but your head is intact, they'll all say your helmet must have been defective, we can't understand it!

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