This past weekend I took my daughter on her first overnight tour. We rode about half on the WMRT and half on the C&O towpath. When we got to Hancock I had an incident happen that really shocked me.

We were riding on the road, crossing the WMRT right next to the C&O bike shop. Users of the WMRT have a stop sign in either direction whereas vehicles on the road do not.

My daughter who is new to road riding (she rides a Fuji Ace 24 w/ brifters & brakes on the flats) had a woman not even slow down at the stop. The woman's daughter who was slower than her almost caused an accident by riding right in front of my daughter. My daughter took evasive maneuvers (that I didn't even know she could pull off) in order to not hit the little girl on her 20" bicycle. I had no idea my daughter could brake to a stop and track stand for 4-5 seconds for the girl to get past her. (I ride behind my daughter when we're out riding so I can call out cars behind, help her know which gears to be in, etc.)

I told my daughter verbally that she did an awesome job and that woman should not have done that. The woman then yelled back to me that *she* had the right of way. I then yelled back to her that she was wrong and she actually blew a very large STOP sign. She kept riding away from us.

I've always ridden such that if there's cross traffic then a stop sign IS a stop sign. It really surprised me that this woman would be so callous in her disregard for her daughter's safety and very likely did not even notice the stop sign. In my opinion, she's very much the type of parent that SHOULDN'T be riding with her daughter as she seems to be a real risk to the girl's safety.

Aside from not yelling at the woman that she had blown a stop sign, what else could I have done? What would you have done in this situation?