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Thread: knee health

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    knee health

    Rudy here in Swaziland with a question. Here at 44 years of age, my right knee
    is starting to trouble me. The cycling does not cause it grief (yet), but I want to make sure that cycling does not take a different injury (incurred by running, which I have since abandoned) and cause a chronic condition. My big idea is to have some VERY low gears, so that when I'm climbing steep hills it is easy to turn the pedals-even though I will lose out a lot on speed. Here are my ideas to head off a bike-career-ending injury. Tell me what you think of them, what problems each solution might pose, and what YOU think would be the best way to take it easy on my knees. My overall goal is to be able to ride for many years to come. Any hope of being a competitive racer are long gone, as I spent the prime of my athletic life playing soccer (which I don't regret). Please forgive my lack of technical
    terms, as I don't know them too well.

    1) Get longer cranks (the pieces connecting the pedals to the chain ring);
    2) Get a different chain ring for the front, with a very small first speed ring;
    3) Get very large gear 1 and 2 rings for the freewheel.

    As I said, I am interested in your much more informed opinions about how to change my bike to take it easy on my knees. I have a 2008 Giant Upland SE (I think; bought it used). Thanks

    for your time.
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    You might get more responses if you post in the other sections, like bicycle mechanics. Not much visits at this Africa section. I dont have much technical knowledge but I would suggest that you get the biggest cassette that is compatible with your bike/ components (your 3rd point). If you do post you must give as much info as possible like how many speeds, amount of teeth on your current cassette and crank etc. I ride a roadbike and noticed that I "struggled" up the long or steep with low cadence, and legs burning- I never pushed my bike up even the steepest hills but it took lots of effort. I had a 12- 23 T cassette and replaced it with a 12- 25T- now I find the hills easier on my legs. I'm 48 years old and might need a 12- 27 T 10 years from now

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