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Thread: exotic wheels

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    exotic wheels

    I know of two sites that make some crazy wheels

    deuce-usa and wild wheel werks.

    Are there any others?

    I'm half tempted to get some rather pimped out wheels for my mountain bike just for the heck of it, and well, wild wheel werks has some nice 26" wheels, but if there's others I'd like to see those as well.

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    I know this is an old post but I'd like to respond. You refer to Wild Wheel Werks in Arizona, I want to warn you that I had some very bad experiences with this company. In Oct 2004 I sent Steve Hutchison (owner of "Wild Wheel Werks") $500 down payment for a set of 24inch custom billet wheels, to this day I have not received a refund or anything else ! I was treated to lies, excuses, then silence! Beware this company!

    Deuce USA makes some interesting spinner wheels, right now at ChoppersU.S. ( I think)you can get a set for a special price of $100 for a pair, this is 1/2 off the suggested retail price. Available in the 20 inch size in two different styles. ChoppersU.S. also has 20 inch billet wheels available.

    Expect to see some unusual items coming soon for kustom bicycles, 24x4-1/4 tires and even super wide 26 inch tires. From ChoppersU.S. soon hopefully!

    There is also a company called Quickspeed that makes billet wheels, for a while there was some concern over whether they were still in business or not, a number of people had outstanding orders that were not filled for months. It seems the owner has reappeared recently, and is trying to get things straightened out for his customers. Lets hope all the outstanding issues get worked out!

    All the best

    John Brain

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