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    Dutch Tall Bike Website

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    well, hey everybody. greetz from lu, amsterdam. cool i dig out that previous tall bike discussion on the net. really good posts from many of you.

    check out much of all kinds of tallbikes in gallery, and in news on meant to be 4all tallbikes, it's international site
    join new tallbike forum, help us with your experience and brainstorming (technical, design, research, software, advice, ideas, questions, etc.)

    all this is just the beginning. in two, three years tallbike inventions, designs, technical solutions and for sure TALLBIKES will spread around the world. all kinds, 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers (much better than 3 wheel tallbikes), family tallbike, cargo tallbike, dog cargo tallbike, tallbike taxi, double tallbike taxi, folding tallbike, touring tallbike, jogging tallbike with short cranks, tall bmx, tall mtb, ...
    did i forget some? many you can already see, some still have to appear.

    TALLBIKE IS SAFER THAN NORMAL LOW "safety" BIKE. many answers why. ???

    just check out as much as possible on and go dreaming.
    i hope you get interested, join in.
    join tallbike reneissance after more than 100 years of boring low bike culture.
    yeah, reneissance, ... WHY? because CAPITAL didn't spoil it yet! ..... and because....
    to make a simple and safe tallbike you don't need to weld anything. one afternoon together with your friends, some simple tools, done.

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