A Hundred Wheels of Death: The Brooklyn Bike Brawl

On the weekend before the final world championship race, bicycle gangs from all across america will converge on neutral turf in the neighborhood of Red Hook Brooklyn. There, in front of the cranes and shipping yards, on one of the last true pieces of nyc waterfront, they will begin to trash their homemade frankenstein bikes in a free day of ****ed-up bike events. There will be madness, blood and insane bikes for everyone to ride, and events for the stronger and crazier of you to join. Events that will include; flaming barenuckle tallbike jousting of death, the most hellish allmighty footdown, (drunk guy favorite) the bike toss, and MORE!

This will be followed by a free all-night party with 5 live bands, DJ's in the basement and a backyard barbeque. This totally free event (which may include free beer) is being organized by a union of the oldest and craziest bicycle gangs America has yet produced. Including: Black Label Bike Club, Chunk 666, The Cutthroats, and who ever else hears about it and gets their ass down to New York. Red hooks own madagascar institute will also be there terrorizing us for sport.

To view a short video of Black Label's last event, go to: or photos at:

To view Chunk's web site, go to:

madagascar institute:

A Hundred Wheels of Death: The Brooklyn Bike Brawl June 25th, 2005 Red Hook, Brooklyn Block party street events 12-8 pm rain or shine Afterparty at The Hook ( Free, Free, Free