I invite those interested in alt. bicycles to come to visit my thread, "legend" in general bicycle discussion. There you will find, in reply 23, my first public comment about my being greeted publicly as king by a participant in a huge parade of alt. bikes here in Chicago in 2002. You are also invited to glance over, or read through, the entire thread, as it should bear some light on the disbelief any such claim of kingdom will naturally arouse, and possibly on the merits as well. My second thread--this one in altbikes is my third--is "a circle and an exclamation point" in the Introductions forum. It is relatively short and leads right into my first, "legend".

I see from the posts here that alt. bikes are rather controvercial. I'm all for them and I have no problem with either their practicality or their aesthetics. I was a bystander on the occasion of the parade I mentioned above, and it was really exciting to see the bicycles and the tremendous spirit of the cyclists. Taken by surprise, I considered it a form of miracle. My best wishes to all you alt. bicycle fans out there.