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    fork stretching?? need guidance

    im customizing a mtb frame and wondering how yall extend forks, i have a mig welder to do it, no issues there just curious as ot how you get the front wheel straight and build the forks, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    There are a variety of ways, but this is how I did it with straight BMX forks.

    First, you need some tubing the same outside diameter and wall thickness as your forks. Then, you need some more tube, with the outside diameter the same as the inside diameter of your forks.

    Cut through the forks about in the middle with an angle grinder. Neaten up the ends, and make sure both the end sections with the drop outs are the same length, and that the top half is level too. Then cut your extra tube, the stuff with the same dimensions as the fork, into two pieces, the length that you want to extend the forks by. What you do is use short sections (about 4") of the thinner tube to form internal lugs, strengthening the joints, and making sure the forks are straight. Slot the forks together, with the top section, lugs, new middle section, lugs, then bottom (drop out) sections. You might want to put a wheel on while you make the initial tack welds, to make sure the alignment is good.

    You can weld at the joint, but it's also a good idea to drill through the outside of each section several times, where the lug is situated underneath, and make plug welds.

    I hope that's all fairly clear.....

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