I have a mid 90's schwinn frame with I turned into a lowrider soon after I got it, but then I turned it back to stock because it was hard to ride around with the riding I was doing. I haven't touched it for about 8 years and now I would like to turn it into a cruiser. It is a 20" wheel bike (I don't know what size the frame is and how to measure it). I have been searching the web for quite some time looking for some parts but later this week I am going to try the LBS in my neighborhood for some parts also. I don't have any parts yet to turn it into a cruiser, but I know I will need:

1. Handlebars
2. Wheels/Tires
3. Fenders???
4. Stem
5. Saddle
6. Fork

If there is anything else that you guys think I am missing please let me know.

Also, right now it is black with schwinn decals on it, but i would like to do a custom paint job of my own. Has anyone painted their own bikes before. What kinds of paints do you use and what are the techniques or tips you would give to a beginner?

I have big dreams of this bike and would like to see it done with what I want to do with it.

I thought I'd asked the "professionals" before I start this project so please leave your feedback.