I am more a C&V guy than an Alt Bikes guy...

Has anyone used this site: http://www.buckscountychoppers.com/b...per/parts.html

I am about to start work on recreating the chopper I rode in high school in the 70's. The frame is a little different, but a similar style. It is a 1955 Schwinn Corvette.

The modifications will be minor, and bolt on. I have almost everything I need except for a banana seat (and maybe a few other small items), and when I searched online I found the above site... Plus, it is close enough that shipping should be pretty quick.

Are they known and/or reliable?

Any other good sources for a banana seat?

The bike will be pretty much the 1955 Corvette with ramshorn bars and a banana seat/sissy bar, without the rack and fenders. I will probably use the stock chain guard, and will be putting on a quick cheapie paint job and relatively original decals...

What I did in high school that I probably won't now, is to have both hand brake calipers set up for the back wheel... this made the chrome rim stop well, even in the rain. Now, I am more interested in actually stopping than leaving long black stripes on the road, so I will probably leave one of the brakes on the front.

One other difference between what I will be building (which will be a beater, not a show piece) and high school is that the original was built on a 24" frame with a little bending of the brake bridge to fit 26" 3 speed wheels. Also the frame I used then (I have no idea what make/model it was) had two bars on top with one below instead of the Schwinn style one above and two below for the cantilever frame... I am consoling myself with this difference by knowing I will be riding a bike just a little older than I am.

So, soon in NE PA will be a 50 year old guy riding a 50+ year old, slightly modified Schwinn Corvette.