1. Way to Rock
2. Plans for next year
3. Buy the DVD
4. Electra Amsterdam winner
5. Special thank you newsletter drawing

::1::WAY TO ROCK ::
Thank you to everyone who came out for Filmed by Bike 2007! You all
certainly did a great job of tearing it up at the Clinton Street
Theater. How about that dance party on wheels that set up in the
"triangle" at the Opening Night Throwdown? Super fun. Over 1,300
people came to watch bike movies all weekend long and most shows were
sold out. This year we had six screenings.

Filmed by Bike happens only once a year and only in Portland, so we
look forward to seeing you all back out there a year from now.

We're already working on and looking forward to next year. The
Clinton Street Theater is great to work with. Organizer Seth Sonstein
embraces what we're doing and they're the longest running theater west
of the Mississippi. We like supporting them. We'll probably add a few
additional screenings and I'm sure we'll include other exciting
twists here and there.

One thing I can tell you for sure, there will be a ton of free
tickets. But you'll have to hunt them down. Think of it as an Easter
Egg Ticket Hunt ... all over Portland.

The jury nominations deadline is December 30th and the call for
entries deadline is March 1, 2008. You've got plenty of time to think
of who would make an awesome jury member, or to convince your friends
to nominate you.

::3::BUY THE DVD ::
The 2006 DVDs are all sold out, but we've got 2007 DVDs for sale on
our website, under the Buy the DVD link at the top. They feature
nearly all of the films screened this year plus BONUS MATERIAL.
They're super fun to watch over and over again, even if you saw them
on the big screen.

I wish I could tell you we have a winner, but we don't. We're still
waiting on someone to claim that winning ticket! He or she has until
Wednesday 9a. After that time, we'll pick a new number a day until we
have a winner.

Special thanks to the Bike Gallery for donating the Electra
Amsterdam! The raffle has been really exciting.

And now...This issue's drawing is for one free 2007 DVD. Oh yeah! The
first e-mail message to arrive in my mailbox with a complete postal
address (US or international) wins. Send to
Good luck.

Team Filmed by Bike